Melodie Loya

Hello! My name is Melodie Loya and I have made finals in the SNSB for 3 years. I participated in NASCC and also helped judge spelling bees in my area. I am a coach for Spell For Success and I hope that through helping the spellers with language patterns and word lists they will find a joy in the English language and have ebullience in discovering new words and stems.

Meghana Nakkanti

Hello! My name is Meghana Nakkanti. I was in the SNSB in 2019. Though Spell for Success, I wish to make a lasting impact on spellers, and hope that spellers can achieve their goals. I enjoy reading, playing piano, and debate. I spend time volunteering at a local hospital. I'm also working on expansion of the bee in SW MO.

Sohum Sukhatankar

My name is Sohum Sukhatankar. I was one of the Octochamps at the 2019 SNSB, winner of NSF 2017, and SASB 2018. I am a coach for Spell for Success, and I hope through coaching spellers, they will be better prepared for nationals and eventually win. My hobbies include sleeping, having existential crises, and looking at memes.

Blake Bouwman

Hello, my name is Blake Bouwman and I placed 17th at the 2019 National Spelling Bee. I enjoy physical activities such as running and swimming as well as intellectual stimulation through high school classes and books.