Hyphenated, Spaced, and Special Types of Words by Aaron Chang

This isn’t much of a meaty paragraph blog post but a listy/commentating type blog post, but let’s just get on with today’s blog post shall we?

As spellers steadily evolve to become better at the bee, the bee also betters itself. Harder and harder words have started to trickle in. For example, the bee has begun to use many more minerals, genera, ‘-id’ words, and variants. In 2019, the bee used the words Maillard and Moazagotl, words that are in fact not entries in Merriam-Webster, but are special types of spaced words. The two entries are in reality named “Maillard reaction” and “Moazagotl cloud”. However, because ‘reaction’ and ‘cloud’ are already entries in Merriam-Webster, Scripps decided to use Maillard and Moazagotl separately. Geographical Moazagotl-type words like Cape Agulhas are also cool words to take a look at.

Some other examples of these special types of spaced words include but are not limited to: -varroa mite  -Yoshino paper  -ingoldsby car -Widmanstaetten figures -Seawanhaka boat -Keogh plan -Cipolletti weir -petrale sole -Potemkin village -Geoffroy’s cat

Of course, there are many others. I have been able to find hundreds of them, yet I am positive that there are many more to be found. Another type of word that could be used in Scripps in the years to come are hyphenated words. Hyphenated words have certainly been used in regional and school lists, (bas-relief being one example) so Scripps and other bees will definitely be using such words. 

Some examples of these types of words include, but are certainly not limited to: -Pseudo-nitzchia -Tityre-tu -kelb-el-bahr -thale-cress -gom-paauw -limu-eleele -koh-i-noor -drott-kvaett -cuir-bouilli -bindi-eye Regular spaced words have also gained popularity in bees, and this includes spaced geographical words, like Les Eyzies. With the appearance of words like dim sum in Words of the Champions, we can only assume that this is just the beginning. Spaced words are actually good words, although whether or not these words would be considered for use by Scripps is unknown. Examples include but are definitely not limited to: -Abri Audit -togae viriles -coup de repos -etaoin shrdlu -Kumbh Mela -notae Tironianae -fabula praetexta -Pedro Ximenez -guli hinnai -Enoch Arden

And, as always, happy studying! ;)

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